Weddings abroad

The number of people actually marrying in the UK is in decline, however, for those still marrying, an increasing number are opting to tie the knot abroad. It is estimated that over 50,000 people a year getting married abroad. Read the Prudent Minds guide to help make the decision as to whether this is the right choice for you.

The Pros and Cons of marrying abroad.

It is estimated that the average UK wedding can top £17,000, whereas the average overseas wedding ceremony costs only £6,000. This is still a sizeable chunk of money, but is certainly more affordable than marrying here.

Many couples choosing to marry abroad do so because they want a quiet or unconventional wedding. You may want to escape the "extended" family of aunties and uncles you haven't seen for years or you may just want guaranteed sunshine on your big day. Whatever your reason, you should consider the following:
* It is highly unlikely that your friends and family will be able to make the trip. This may cause problems in the long term.
* Wedding venues oversees often accommodate more than one wedding in a day, so you may be amongst more couples.
* Many venue will not confirm exact date and time until you actually arrive.
* In some countries, the wedding ceremony will be conducted in the native language, NOT English!
* Photographs and videos may not be the quality that you may have come to expect in the UK.
* Heat! - you may have gone for the sunshine, but getting married on a beach at mid-day may be just too much.
* Getting married abroad does not necessarily equal a quick wedding (read more in the legal section below)

Planning your Wedding Abroad

Most couples will choose to book their overseas wedding through a tour operator, in order to make sure that every detail is taken care of. Many tour operators now have wedding packages available, but your travel and accommodation must also be booked through them in order to take advantage of an organiser at the destination. There are wedding specialists available who will organise the marriage itself, leaving you to deal with your own accommodation and travel (which could save you money on the package deal).

If, having read our tips, you've decided a wedding abroad is not for you, then check out our Budget Weddings section for more advice on bringing that £17,000 price tag down!

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